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The best pic from yesterday posted on CODEPINK Action Photo Gallery

I am amazed that any of the pics from yesterday turned out... because my hands were unsteady because I was shivering and my fingers were numb.   But one did turn out well and Farida, the webmistress for the main CODEPINK website, posted one of the ones I sent to her on the Mandate for Peace Action Photo Gallery.   Check it out!

And it is back to DC to press the Democrats into doing what they were elected to do.

January 27 approaches.  On that day Americans from all over the country will converge on Washington D.C. for the United for Peace and Justice coordinated March -- Act Now to End the War.  It could end up being quite large.  People are pissed.  We sent a different House and Senate back to D.C. in November to Bring the Troops Home NOW.   If we have to cut off funds in order to do that.... so be it. 

COME TO D.C. and join us.   March on Saturday the 27th.  Get training on how to Lobby on Sunday the 28th.   Lobby Congress on Monday the 29th. 

And if you are so inclined -- the CODEPINK House will be available for women wishing to stay on for a few days or through February 20th for our PEACE IN - PULL OUT month of actions and reminding those folks that they are there to enact the will of the people not to convince the people that corporate created policy is what the people should want. 

Tucson will support this mass action with a March on Thursday, January 25th.  See the details on the Tucson Peace Calendar.

I am going to get to D.C. come hell or high water.  Liz from Phoenix will be there.   And I hear that our friend Lee will be there too.  I'll be reporting back to Tucson via this Blog. 

For me this action really began today.  Zanne - aka Sam - from the East SF Bay area stopped in Tucson today on her way across the country to the D.C. events in her biodiesal CODEPINK Truck .   We met up at Grant and Campbell for a Bring the Troops Home Now protest.    Susan, Gretchen, Joyce, Liz, Zanne and I froze our buns off for peace from 5-6 p.m.  We only saw two middle finger salutes and received hundreds of flashed peace signs, thumbs up, and honks.   Zanne stopped in Phoenix earlier in the day for an action.    Tomorrow she will be on the road early and stop for actions in Las Cruces, N.M. and El Paso, TX.   Her blog is codepinkjournals.blogspot.com. and I think you can follow along on her trip there. 

I'll try to post pics from the action tomorrow.

More entries to follow.   This blog will be active again for at least a month.   


tucson, san javier

It has been a month since I bid DC and my pink sisters adieu.

June 23rd already.  Geesh.  I had intended to write up several actions I didn't have time to write up when I was in DC.  And I had intended to post about actions that happened after I left DC and to stay up to date via interviews.  But things were pretty crazy back here in Tucson and how to achieve de-escalation of actions of some very nasty paramilitary thugs who call themselves counter-demonstrators but are not for anything as much as against us.  They've escalated to fairly consistent assault of peace demonstrators and our local police are clearly taking sides with their military buddies.  Very serious situation.  We want the peace keepers to keep the peace but they are clearly making political statements and taking sides.  We all have a right to protest and demonstrate.  They do not have a right to mash toes, hit us with flag stanchions and poles, to call us lewd and obscene names, or to cover our placards with their flags.  We are working with other levels of officialdom on ways to diffuse the negative emotional energy of these guys and have the police enforce a reasonable distance between the pro-war and pro-peace groups. 

So anyway... I will be doing the vacation thing soon and giving myself a couple weeks away from protesting and stress and just dedicate myself to writing and playing and I am really, really looking forward to having some down time.  For several years now every vacation I've taken has been a working one and I need a real recuperative one now.  Maybe if the mood strikes I will write up a few more things from Mother's Day Month.  I will want to write about Troops Home Fast I'm sure. 

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Week Two of Mothers Day Month

CODEPINK and Women Say Enough went to Fort McNair Monday morning to protest torture by the military. There was supposedly an ongoing trial that was happening there.... but the info directing folks there was wrong.  You can't always beleive what you read in the papers.  The action was worth it though....even though Ann Wright, former ambassador and Army Colonel, was detained on base and charged with sedition for distributing postcards for a historical documentary, Sir No Sir, that is playing at the E Street Cinema,  You can hear her describe the event to Amy Goodman's on today's Democracy Now.

I left D.C. yesterday morning to return home to AZ, but my dynamic and courageous matriotic sisters in demonstration had a busy day -- proclaiming that Hillary Clinton just doesn't get the connection between war and energy when she gave a good talk on environment and energy at the National Press Club but exhibited a disconnect between our energy needs and dependency to the war in Iraq.  Medea Benjamin and Ann Wright who were at the talk unfurled a banner that said, "It takes a bomb to raze a village."  Other CODEPINK Women demonstrated outside. 

Another group of CODEPINKERS held a "die-in" at Diane Feinstein's office to protest her continuing support of the Republican controlled administration's and legislature's lip service per troop removal from Iraq.  The American people do not want staged slow withdrawal... we want out troops out NOW. 

You say you aren't seeing this stuff on regular news....well, they have chosen not to cover these actions because we know they received the same press releases that Amy Goodman's staff chose to act on to get interviews and more news.  Write your local and national news stations and tell them you want to know all about what is happening and not recieve filtered pablum that is intended to offend no one in power. 
tucson, san javier

Peace statements at GW Commencement.

Women from CODEPINK Mothers Day Month walked up and down and around the commencement exercises on the Mall today when George H. W. Bush (King George Ist) addressed the George Washington University Grads.  Desiree proudly carried her umbrella that was adorned with two peace signs, and slogans that stated "No More War, "& "Stop War."  She had a ticket, a gift bag and an "auntie of a graduate" attitude that allowed her access to the actual commencement.    Earlier bannering plans had to be shelved after the banner carriers were warned to stop (this after several security folks decided quiet demonstration was okay, but  one officer finally made it clear that any further action would mean arrest.  Desiree managed at least 30 minutes in the commencement seating area proper (during the entire time GHWB was speaking), as well as a couple cameos in front of the bank of news cameras, and   a shout of "War Criminal" when King George the 2nd was mentioned. 

Notable folks among protestors included Ann Wright.  (If you don't know her, check her out.  She was one of three diplomats to resign at the beginning of the Iraq War.)   A senior citizen couple wanted to take a picture of banner and tprotestors and thanked them for countering GHWB although members of their families were not pleased with their actions.  The pro-peace folks are coming out more and more in vocal support of protestors here. 

At least two graduates stood with backs turned to GHWB so that he could see the peace signs painted on their mortar boards.   After ceremonies ended one of these folks gave Desiree a two sided flier called "Why I refuse to attend my graduation." by Christian Langdon Wright, Senior, GW Class of 2006.   I will scan this and link to it within a few days. 

I'd write more about the activities of the morning, but our valiant  ladies have headed off to The Vietnam War Memorial to make a statement that they do not want , and the country really doesn't need any more War Memorials.
tucson, san javier

Saturday on the Mall...

Today the Women of CODEPINK Mothers Day Month dressed in somber black and carried pictures of the faces of war --- Iraqi parents with severly injured children and children grieving over a deceased sibling--- they carried large graphics through the tourist filled mall, museum areas, and nearby streets at a slow somber pace to the beat of a drum.

Silent vigil was made on the Capitol Steps.  At street corners  the wailing of a member punctuated the air with the pain and grief of mothers who have lost their children in this war. 

Passersbys took pictures, talked and thanked the women, gave donations out of the blue, and Vietnam Vets gave thumbs up, a quiet and welll spoken wounded Iraqi War Veteran just released from Walter Reed seemed quite glad to be given the contact information about Iraq Veterans Against the War. 
tucson, san javier

Sir, No Sir!

Mothers Day Month pinkers, DC pinkers, Pinkers helping with the CODEPINK Table at the Network of Spiritual Progressives conference,  and even a woman we met on the metro who decided to come along with us all gathered at the E Street Theatre for the DC premiere of Sir No Sir an absolutely essential documentary for remembering what the zeitgeist for soldiers returning from Vietnam really was as told by the men who were those soldiers. 

While it is always difficult for me to believe that history is written to serve those in power, this film definitely shows there has been a skewing of perception that is difficult to accept. 
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Toby is free.

Toby is back at the Pink House.   Her experience was much worse than Katy's.  She was held for over 24 hours without food or water, was questioned after Miranda rights were given -- and that was typical of the treatment of the 20 other women with whom she was being held. 
tucson, san javier

Word from "Stormin' Katie."

I'm sitting next to Katie who was arraigned for Unlawful Entry (Federal charge) at Rumsfeld's house (at the CODEPINK Action)  even though she didn't enter the house (nor did anyone else)  and Disorderly Conduct (City charge) even though she was cooperative.  Toby was being arraigned la bit later so she isn't back yet.   Their court date is June 1 for both Federal and City charges. Katie has been fed, is very tired, and her left shoulder is giving her some difficulty due to rough handling by the arresting officers. 

The restrictions placed on her -- through June 1st -- are that she cannot be near Rummy's House, across the street from his house, nor can she call, email, mail Rummy or go anywhere near him nor have anyone do any of these things on her behalf. 

More when I hear more.
tucson, san javier

Two Pink Friends Arrested Yesterday.

They were in court today -- but I haven't heard as yet what the judge decided this p.m.  

But to see the video of the actions yesterday afternoon that resulted in their arrest watch this.

Video: Protesters Arrested on Rumsfeld's Front Door
PoliticsTV.com A group of peace activists marched from the White House to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's house to tell the Bush Administration "Don't bomb Iran."

While at Rumsfeld's house, police arrested a handful or protesters for trying to get to Rumsfeld's front door. PoliticsTV has exclusive video which can be seen by clicking here.

Use the forward feature at the bottom of this email to share this video with your friends. See the video for yourself


Oh, and by the way, they didn't storm the door.  Katie delivered a personal letter from CODEPINK through the mail slot of Rummy's door demanding that he bring the troops home from Iraq and that he not attack Iran. 
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